How to Keep Sex Hot In a Long Term Relationship

Apr 18th, 2011 by admin in Spicing up a Relationship

You will find that there are a lot of different things that you can do to keep sex hot in a long term relationship. When you are with somebody for a long time it can be really difficult to have great sex that is as good as it was when you were first together. However, it is not impossible. Here are a few things to keep your sex life hot no matter how long you are with the other person.

Tease Each Other

You will find that when you are coy and tease each other sexually that it will really drive them crazy. Whenever you are in a long term relationship you tend to be too available to that person. Teasing them will make them realize how much they still want you after all of these years.

Be Spontaneous

You don’t want to be that couple that has to pencil in time together to have sex. It can make it incredibly boring and like a chore that you both have to get done. When you surprise your partner out of nowhere suddenly lacking the ability to keep your hands off of them you will find that it can really make it feel like it did when you were first together.


Believe it or not, a little jealousy can go a long way. While you shouldn’t try to make your partner feel self conscious or bad, let them know how desirable you still are. It will make them appreciate you all over again.

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