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Sex Positions to Increase Stimulation

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There are a lot of different sex positions. However, if you are looking for sex positions to increase stimulation, then it all comes down to whether you are talking about for her or for him. While sexual positions in general are usually good for him there is a few that she will enjoy even more than he will. Here are some for her and for him that you will both really be able to get something out of.

For Her

When it comes to sexual positions for her, her on top is usually what is going to be the best. She will be able to be in complete and total control while you hit all of the right spots. Not all women want to be on top because they are self conscious about how they look or how they perform. However, with a little persuading you will soon find that having her on top can be her favorite position. Not to mention he gets to get a great view of her as well.

For Him

As previously mentioned, there are very few positions that will not make him happy. However, the ones where he can get the deepest penetration are the best. Her on bottom with her legs up is usually a great way for him to get the best possible penetration during the act. You will find however that most of the positions can be altered in a way that can make them even more enjoyable for the both of you. Do a little experimenting and see what you can both come up with.


Top Tips for Great Sex

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When it comes to the top tips for great sex there are a lot of things to keep in mind. You will want to be able to enjoy sex regardless of who it is with. Whether you are in a serious, long term relationship or are single, you will want to be sure that you enjoy yourself and that you can have a good time every time.

Spicing it up

Spicing things up is the key to great sex. It can easily become monotonous whenever you have sex, especially when it is with the same person. Always be aware of new techniques and positions that you do not get to try every time to keep it interesting. You will find that being spontaneous is the best way to keep your sex life going.

Having Fun

You should never take sex too seriously. You will find that the minute you do that is the minute it will no longer be fun. You will want to be sure that you can have a great time with sex without worrying so much about the serious aspect of it. Let loose and remember that this is an act that is meant to be fun.

Feeling Sexy

It is all about feeling sexy. Whether you are a man or a woman sex is not going to be fun if you are self conscious about how you look or how you are performing. Try to think about how sexy you are to the person that you are having sex with if you have trouble thinking it for yourself. Obviously they find you attractive or they would not have sex with you.


Satisfying Your Sexual Desires by Swinging

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You will find that satisfying your sexual desires by swinging is something that a lot of people want to do at one point or another. Whether you are single or in a relationship you may really like the idea of other people being around while you have sex or having sex with strangers. If this is something that you are interested in, then swinging is definitely for you.

Swinging Alone

Swinging alone is something that a lot of people will often do. This means being single and trying out swinging without a partner with you. You will not have to worry about whether or not your partner is okay with it and making rules for each other. Swinging while single can be a really freeing and liberating experience.

With Your Partner

If you happen to be in a relationship when you decide that you want to try out swinging, then you should talk it over with your partner first. Make sure that either of you come to an understanding and know whether or not it is something that you are both okay with doing. It helps a lot of couples if they have rules for the other while they are swinging.

New to Swinging

When you are new to swinging it is important that you take the time to let the other swingers know. You would be amazed at how accommodating other swingers can be when they have somebody that is new to it in their group. This will allow you to go more at your own pace.