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Dealing With a Wife Who Has No Desire for Sex

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It can be really disheartening to deal with a wife that has no desire for sex. You want to be able to express your love for each other on a physical level and it is a basic urge that everybody has. However, if your wife is not a person that is interested in sex, then there are a few different things that you can do to try to remedy this.

Try New Things

You may find that she is not interested in sex simply because she is not enjoying it. It may be a good idea for you and her to attend a sex work shop or try some new things in the bedroom to try to get her interested again. See what her deepest fantasy is and act it out with her. If she does not have any fantasies to speak of, then try to make one up with her to get her back in the mood.

When It Is Not Working

When it has gotten to a point where it is just not working, then it may be time to hang it up. Even if you love your wife and enjoy every other aspect with her, sex is something that is a very important part of the relationship. If she is not willing to come together with you and work on it, then it may be time to divorce before you cheat on her.

Other Alternatives

Some couples have situations where the spouse that is still interested in sex is allowed to go out and have sex with other people as long as that is all that it is. Swinging for one of the spouses is very popular in these situations.


Being With a Partner Who Is Addicted To Sex

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Being with a partner who is addicted to sex is something that can be really frustrating. While you may enjoy sex regularly it may not be enough for your partner. You want to be able to please them but you cannot keep up with them physically. If you and your partner are at this point, then there are a few things that you can do to try to make this something that is not so much of an issue.

Consider Swinging

While swinging is definitely not for every couple it is something that can definitely help a person that has a very healthy appetite for sex. They will be able to get their sexual appetite filled and you will not have to worry about if they are going behind your back. Whenever you and your partner swing together it can be something that is bonding and can actually bring you closer. However, you can also allow your partner to go off swinging on their own if you do not want to do this. You must be able to trust your partner completely for this to work though.

Other Alternatives

If swinging is not for you, then consider getting them a sex toy that they can use when you are not in the mood. There are plenty of sex toys for men that they can use that feels very close to what a woman feels like. You may also want to consider getting them some therapy or putting them into rehab if it gets to be too out of control.


Satisfying Your Sexual Desires by Swinging

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You will find that satisfying your sexual desires by swinging is something that a lot of people want to do at one point or another. Whether you are single or in a relationship you may really like the idea of other people being around while you have sex or having sex with strangers. If this is something that you are interested in, then swinging is definitely for you.

Swinging Alone

Swinging alone is something that a lot of people will often do. This means being single and trying out swinging without a partner with you. You will not have to worry about whether or not your partner is okay with it and making rules for each other. Swinging while single can be a really freeing and liberating experience.

With Your Partner

If you happen to be in a relationship when you decide that you want to try out swinging, then you should talk it over with your partner first. Make sure that either of you come to an understanding and know whether or not it is something that you are both okay with doing. It helps a lot of couples if they have rules for the other while they are swinging.

New to Swinging

When you are new to swinging it is important that you take the time to let the other swingers know. You would be amazed at how accommodating other swingers can be when they have somebody that is new to it in their group. This will allow you to go more at your own pace.