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Sex Positions to Increase Stimulation

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There are a lot of different sex positions. However, if you are looking for sex positions to increase stimulation, then it all comes down to whether you are talking about for her or for him. While sexual positions in general are usually good for him there is a few that she will enjoy even more than he will. Here are some for her and for him that you will both really be able to get something out of.

For Her

When it comes to sexual positions for her, her on top is usually what is going to be the best. She will be able to be in complete and total control while you hit all of the right spots. Not all women want to be on top because they are self conscious about how they look or how they perform. However, with a little persuading you will soon find that having her on top can be her favorite position. Not to mention he gets to get a great view of her as well.

For Him

As previously mentioned, there are very few positions that will not make him happy. However, the ones where he can get the deepest penetration are the best. Her on bottom with her legs up is usually a great way for him to get the best possible penetration during the act. You will find however that most of the positions can be altered in a way that can make them even more enjoyable for the both of you. Do a little experimenting and see what you can both come up with.